Useful Links

Photograph by Joan Williams

Fiona Hamilton is a writer, facilitator and mentor specialising in poetry, therapeutic writing and arts for wellbeing

Orchard Foundation runs courses in writing for wellbeing and one-day events and mentoring for creative writers

Studio retreat in Sussex for women writers and artists for short stays, information about writing sessions and workshops on the healing power of writing with Monica Suswin, Writing for Wellbeing practitioner and author

Monica Suswin’s blog about her own exploratory creative therapeutic writing and the mini-books she is publishing

Writing the Self, developed by Dr. Reinekke Lengelle, is about using creative, expressive, and reflective writing to develop one’s ‘warm inner compass’. This way of writing develops, unearths, deconstructs and heals the self in both personal and career development

Write to the Source: A Journaling Guide for Recovery, by Iris Craver
Write to the Source is designed to help and guide people in recovery and/or their counsellors and sponsors, as well as anyone wanting to write for personal development. Based on 52 spiritual principles, and influenced by the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), it has writing prompts for every day of the year.