Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts

Edited by Gillie Bolton

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts describes a range of successful programmes pioneered by artists, writers, nurses, musicians, therapists, social workers, and chaplains in palliative care settings. These range from simple painting and writing activities to organised communal activities like writing and performing a play.

The arts are shown to offer a means to reflect on memories, hopes, fears and anxieties, and gently explore the emotional, spiritual, and psychological issues which can aid a fuller understanding of oneself and one’s condition. The arts also serve as a way to communicate difficult and complex feelings to professionals or family members not possible in everyday conversation. Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts offers valuable insights and inspiration for any practitioner working in a palliative care setting.


  •    Foreword, Baroness Professor Ilora Finlay of Llandaff.
  •    Preface Poem: Nest, Penelope Shuttle
  •    1: Introduction: Dying,Bereavement and the Healing Arts, Gillie Bolton.
  •    2: A Death Photographed: Michael Willson’s Story, Paul Schatzberger and Gillie Bolton
  •    3: Arts,Electronic Media, Movement: Rosetta Life, Filipa Pereira-Stubbs and Chris Rawlence.
  •    4: Theatre for Professional Development, Ashley Barnes
  •    5: Visual Art for Professional Development, Sandra Bertman
  •    6: Healing Arts in Palliative Care, Christina Mason.
  •    7: Imagination andHealth in Cancer Care and Palliative Care, John Graham-Pole
  •    8: Visual Art in Cancer Care and Palliative Care, Anna Lidzey, MicheleAngelo Petrone, Julie Sanders and Gillie Bolton
  •    9: Making Music in Children’s Hospices, Lesley Schatzberger
  •    10: Healing Writing in PalliativeCare, Sheelagh Gallagher, Kate D’Lima, Kaichiro Tamba, Hilary Elfick, with David Head and Gillie Bolton
  •    11: Creating The Tuesday Group:A Palliative Care Play, Bobbie Farsides and Sue Eckstein
  •    12: The Power of Music, Diana Greenman, Frans Meulenberg and Mike White
  •    13 Writing through Bereavement: River Wolton, Haifa Al Sanousi, Amy Kuebelbeck, Judy Clinton and Robert Hamberger
  •    14: A Legacy ofUnderstanding, Monica Suswin
  •    15: Reading to Help Practitioners and Patients, Ted Bowman and Rogan Wolf
  •    16: Artists: Survivors, TimJeeves, Mitzi Blennerhassett and Michele Angelo Petrone, Artist
  •    17: Professionals: Artists, Steve Seagull, Tim Metcalf, Oliver Samuel, Kieran Walsh and Christopher Johns
  •    18: Spiritual and Artistic Care: Memorial Services, Mark Cobb and Giles Legood
  •    19: The Art of Care, Yvonne Yi-Wood Mak , Ann Williams, Corine Koppenol and Sinead Donnelly
  •    20: Reflections Towards the Future, Nigel Hartey
  •    List of Contributors
  •    References
  •    Subject Index
  •    Author Index

Foreword by Baroness Professor Ilora Finlay of Llandaff
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ISBN 978 1 84310 516 9