Inspirational Writing for Academic Publication

With Professor Stephen Rowland

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Creating high quality publications from great research is a challenge for academics at all levels. Gillie Bolton’s three ‘key phases’ (Write for Myself, Redraft for the Reader, Edit for Posterity) show the important role writing plays in the critical research process. This book offers support and advice on how to develop your own writing voice and use this to engage readers in your research.

‘Characters’ at different career stages help you identify the significant issues addressed in each chapter, while examples from a range of disciplines and contexts illustrate key writing techniques. Suggested activities and further readings develop these themes and help you to explore different theoretical perspectives.

Drawing on case studies, as well as their own extensive writing experience, the authors suggest strategies for:

  • Demystifying the complexities of academic writing
  • Becoming part of the ‘research conversation’
  • Making the challenge less daunting
  • Dealing with potential burnout and writer’s block
  • Time and energy management

Inspirational Writing is for any academic who wants to unlock the mysteries of writing for academic publication, and will inspire you to improve and enjoy your own academic writing.

Dr Gillie Bolton is an international authority on writing in academic and professional contexts.

Professor Stephen Rowland has long experience of editing and writing for academic journals and PhD supervision/examination.

Praise for the book:

‘This excellent book justifies its title. It takes the aspirant writer from their research ideas and early writing (the authors suggest this should be experimental) to the production of the final edited text. Beautifully written, by authors who care, it is an invaluable resource for Doctoral students and newer writers and speaks to everyone who values good academic writing.’
Professor Sue Clegg, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Research, Leeds Metropolitan University

‘A fun and inspirational sweep through territory not always considered within the parameters of academic writing. The three phase frame of writing for self, redrafting for the reader and editing is generative and functional. This text is enormously accessible with its author dialogues, fictional characters, anecdotes, scholarly approach and valuable reading and writing activities. ‘
Dr Claire Aitchison, Senior Lecturer, Student Learning Unit, University of Western Sydney

‘The conversation that is Bolton and Rowland’s text reminds the reader and writer alike of the necessary blend of persistence and joy that moves us along the writing continuum of procrastination to inspiration. Their honest accounts of their own writing journeys, and their shared experiences of working with other writers at all levels, are pragmatic, informative, reassuring and engaging.’
Dr. Alison Farrell, Head of The Writing Centre, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

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